Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Go you Idiots, catch him...or Destroy the land!

Hello dudes and dudettes,

Here I am to share another part of my of my best days...

This happened a few weeks back...

I finished bursting the remaining of the crackers after Diwali and returned home to find a text message from my friend 'Klaus',


It brought back all the memories that had found themselves some nice place in the deep dwelves of my mind. I was choked with happiness for a moment. I replied an OK and then immediately switched my PC on, logged into my eMail account and sent him the mail with the file attached.
Those days...!
Well, the heading of this post is actually a quote taken from Blitzkrieg, an animated movie that I, 'Klaus'(a friend of mine), and other friends made sometime around the New Year's Day. I had completely forgotten about it until that particular day when I had seen the text message from 'Klaus' in my cell.

What I could call special is that we made the movie completely using PowerPoint and with really good voice modulation by 'Klaus' and another frined of mine who wishes to call himself by the ironic name "scholar."

Basically the Blitzkrieg, the movie gives a crude picture about alien abduction and how it results in a cross-species war.


Here's the foreword of the movie, 

"Every night, man gets some sleep, satisfied by the feeling that he is safe and no one is watching him. But is that real?
Other worldly watchers, look up and constantly watch every move of man, noting every step of development.
But this had not always been like what it is now.
Years, millenia ago, lived prosperously the Onres, on the planet Trantor, all well until sudden lighting flashes sprang up from the skies, turning each of these creatures into ashes in the recent past.
One group of Onres, the Zeds, survived the frightful lighting war, constructed a small, safe place to live and to investigate what all was...
And then, during their exploration, they saw hazardous machines which man called satellites, triggered radio signals that caused the lightning bolts.
They monitored the moves of man, trying to find a suitable moment and then in the twenty first day of the seventh month of the seventh year of earth's second millenium...Blitzkrieg"(this might get 'Klaus', or lightwarrior, little nostalgic...!)


On hearing about UFOs being spotted near the fictitious Robinson Street, Mike, the protagonist sets off to look for the 'Aliens' supposedly coming from Planet Trantor, of Waxy-Way Galaxy. Shortly after he is abducted by the aliens and taken to the planet,he is put in a Glass Prison, but soon miraclously escapes when a plate containing Pizza, served by the Alien to Mike, falls down, jamming the components of the Glass Prison.

Finding his way out, Mike takes one of those spaceships and safely returns home, but in the process, lures hundreds of such Aliens, or Zeds, to attack Earth. Saving Earth using wits and simple common sense forms rest of the story.

Characters and others:

The caracters of Blitzkrieg, namely, Mike, The Aliens, Mike's secretery, The Television Reporter, some of the humans on Earth, and the Master of the aliens were all designed skillfully, using Microsoft Paint, and Power Point, by another friend of ours, AB. His wonderful movements of that small fat Logitech mouse made wonders, making each of the characters look exactly as we all had visualized them to be.

The outer space and Planet Trantor was designed by me, though it was all "scholar's" idea of calling that place "the waxy-way galaxy". The sense of humour was perfect. Beside the Milky-way, was the! 'Klaus' designed the interiors of Mike's office while I gave my personal touch of making the office to be inside the Google-plex, the headquarters Google, Inc. 

Many vistas and cityscapes were downloaded from the net, deserving nothing special to be talked about.

Experience in THE MAKING:

On the whole, The Making of Blitzkrieg took about a month since we had completely depended on our school resources to create it from scratch. But the journey was memorable and still every incident is fresh in my mind, where 'Klaus' gave the idea of crushing plastic bags, and tearing pieces or paper to give the crackling effect of a radio, also an excellent accent and vocabulary regarding the militiary terms such as 'Roger That' and stuff, which are not heard in daily life, unless one has an abiding love for action games or movies, etc., which I don't.

One more occasion was 'Klaus' burst out laughing when he had to recite a an old hindi couplet in the background when the story takes you to the destruction of Taj Mahal, India. It took at least fifty re-records to get that perfect, but each one had its own charm, and was worth the time!

Otherwise, it also helped us a lot from the perspective of skipping classes big time and seeking justification from our computer science faculties who were proud of techies at school. The movie was set during the annual science fair, known as 'Spectra' where we were also given a chance to set up stalls allowing kid visitors to play computer gams for a limited time. We made quite some money, but didn't really show much love for it, hence gave it to the school.

End Note:

In a country like India, where nothing is more prominent than textbooks and rote memory in our system of education, we, or Psychohistorians(thats what we called the production unit, in the movie) had a chance to break through the conventional mode, and learn a lot of things such as teamwork, perseverence, and most importantly, loads about computers..!!!

Taking this as an oppurtunity, I would like to thank my friend, 'Klaus', who recently shifted half way across the country, and others, AB and "scholar" who taught me what it takes create a masterpiece...!!!

Templar AKA Sumanth

P.S. I'm sorry I did not name my friends properly. But it's for their own good.


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Reminds me of the old days dude :) :(

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same here!

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Really kewl.. AWESOME!

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