Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much really to blog on...

Hello all,

I've been busy with many things, thus there isn't much regarding tech to talk about this time. So, let me talk about myself, it's been really a while...hang on....this is probably the first time I'm writing a blog completely on my updates.

*Ramblings on my life, can be called updates*

To start with, we had written an All India Integrated Test Series Open Test in the IITJEE pattern on the 8th of February. I'm expecting a kind of low score, but I heard the test is low scoring, since most of the high performers from my colleges aren't expecting much too!
Besides, this test had fallen between our pre-final examinations. Since our final exams happen to be board exams this year, I need to take this seriously, and not let it come in between me and my goals in life. 

The pre-final exams are over now, and I've done fairly good in except my second language(which is sanskrit) and Chemistry. Sanskrit, well, the marks fell out just like drops of water drip out of a closed far as Chemistry is concerned, I've always been bad at that. IMO, it's much different the other two subjects that I study: Physics and Maths. Now in Physics, everything is so obvious, you can solve half the problems using your common sense alone. You do not have to memorize, that if you drop an object, it falls. Maths, similarly is obvious too, rather, we are more mechanical in approach, and hence it comes to me without much of an effort. But Chemistry, is very different from these, where there is hardly any trend or generalization in the facts, and if there is one, it's dominated by exceptions, which make it choice less for people like me to turn to the only option, which is memorizing facts. This one has also troubled me quite in my other competitive exams.

I've done really well in English, where I've scored an 89%, which is second in our college (apparently, will confirm soon). Somehow, I enjoy taking this exam more than any other. After talking about this to my friends, I wondered if Science is where people like me should have been, probably Arts would have been better. The debate goes on...

Talking about books, I've bought three new books last month. One of them is Ptolemy's Gate, the sequel to Amulet of Samarkand and The Golem's Eye. The other one is The Godfather by Mario Puzo. This one was recommended by one of my friends at college. The third is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, of which I was told by Klaus. I started with Atlas Shrugged last month, but it's halted thanks to the Pre-final and the upcoming Board examinations.

On Music, I've been lately listening to Radiohead's OK Computer and In Rainbows (as suggested by Klaus and Reetesh), and Led Zeppelin's works. Radiohead is getting to me. At present, my faves from the band are Paranoid Android, Karma Police, 15 Step and All I need.
Apart from these, I a few weeks back, I was smitten by the OST of a movie called DevD. The music is an excellent piece of art with out of the box melody and lyrics. I would suggest this to anyone who is looking for a change. I was also looking forward to watching the movie, but darn! It's rated strictly 18+ (or R-rated, you can say) for its strong language and sexuality.

My guitar classes have halted for past fortnight in order to study for these exams. Otherwise, I make it a point to practice once a day, right now I'm trying to learn Paranoid Android's acoustic riffs played by Thom Yorke, and the intro riffs of Blackdog by Led Zeppelin...

I've also been thinking of the story I've been writing for a while. A few of my friends know about this, though not much. To give away a little, the name of the story as of now is 'The Templar of Light'(yeah, that's what has been my pen-name too), which evolved from a number of names like 'Splits', to 'Shards' to 'The Book' to an idea of series called 'Peril-Quartz' and then, finally the present one. Moreover, I don't promise this is what it will be called. The story has also evolved through a long period of time which is four years, a time when I and Klaus used to compete on writing, back in school. Eventually we grew up, and realized that competition is irrelevant in art. I've now written about one-third of the story, only to discover that I've grown over it. Anyway, I'll improvise it this summer, with some thickening in the plot (nothing drastic), and more learning to do.

I just realized, very recently, one fact, which everyone does: I've changed. When I look back the times when I was at school, ripples of laughter shake me looking at how immature I was, how stupidly I had done things...some of them, I'm thankful to have done them, and have enjoyed my past properly, and some, I still regret.

Alright now, chucking nostalgia, up ahead, I have my Board Examinations coming up after which our college is conducting cultural event 'Kal'rav 2009' so we students might unwind ourselves. Further, we have reshuffling tests for which I'd have to slog the heck out and stand at a decent position. It's a very costly bet I have put after my series of academic turbulence this year.

'So'..ahem.....looking at all these reasons, I'm pretty much busy, and may not blog all too often! But all of you do stay in touch.

Till I visit again, 
Templar AKA Sumanth