Friday, September 16, 2011

All Clear

Scene: Bridge on the spaceship. Two crew members Joseph and Barbara are reviewing data on their consoles.
Joseph: Running final check of bio data
Joseph: Data check all clear.
Barbara: What if it's wrong?
Joseph: It's not wrong.
Barbara: What if we're bringing back something dangerous?
Joseph: The only thing dangerous that we're bringing back is you!
Barbaa: You can't deny that it is theoretically possible we could bring back a new disease. A new disease capable of wiping out all life on earth.
Joseph: No. That's not possible. Not with the bio-scan. It has twenty five fail-safe back up systems. Nothing can get past it.
Barbara: Nothing we've seen so far.
Joseph: If you're so phobic, why did you get into space exploration?
Baraba: I like space. It's the planets that make me nervous. Besides, we know that a species can survive only if it has strong ability to overcome obstacles for procreation.
Joseph: Sure. Things survive only if they have a strong survival, reproduction mechanism. That's just stating the obvious.
Barbara: But if you go by Darwin, a virus might avoid detection and still exist!
Joseph: If it did anything to affect us, anything at all, the bio-scan would detect it and warn us.
Barbara: There is some flaw in your logic.
Joseph: I'm Barrack Obama's great grandson.
Barbara: Still, there is a flaw.
Joseph: Do you feel alright?
Barbara: Yeah, I seem to feel okay. But i can't help feeling we're missing something vital
Joseph: Well I feel great. Here comes Daniels! He's spent more time on the surfacec than both of us put together. Hey, Danies! Do you feel okay?
Enter DANIELS. His condition is sickening, although he doesn't realize it, nor do his crewmen.
Daniels: Mmmm-rrr-nnn!
Joseph: See? Daniels feels great! A picture of health.
Daniels gives another thumbs up and occupies his seat. Mmmmmm-rrrrr-nnnn!
Joseph: Barabara here is worried that we've all contacted some disease that can outsmart the bio-scan and we'll bring it back and wipe out all life on earth!
Daniels: Mmmmmm--rrr!
Joseph: Strap in everyone! Nothing can outsmart the bio-scan. How are you feeling now, Barbara?
Barbara: Okay. Great, in fact. But someday, we will come across something that can fool us. Somethhing that finds a way to be undetectable. I just know it! I keep feeling the idea almost here, in my consciousness, but i just cannot get to it.
Joseph: Um...what about you Daniels?
Daniels: Rrrrr--nnn!
Joseph: You know, if there was anything wrong, the alarms would be screaming by now.

Alarms start screaming.

An adaptation from one of Richard Nathan's works.