Monday, July 6, 2009

The Rate Determining Step

Hey all...remember me?

I've been busy all these two months with numerous jobs to complete. Moreover, this happense to be the most crucial period of time in my life, as it is in everyone's: The Twelfth Grade. It means a lot more than just graduating out of high school, since as many of you know, I aim at joining the most prestigious chain of colleges across India, called the IITs, for which it is mandatory that I crack a very challenging exam next april.

So, here are a few 'Lifestyle changes' that I've brought in since the beginning of our new term.
First, I have made it a point to study for an average of Five hours everyday.
Second, in order to ensure my first resolution, I've decided to put a stop to what I'm most into: Gadgets. I guess it's tough, but I shall join a few quizzes now and then to keep myself somewhat updated.

Talking about what has happened in the past two months, they have been most eventful.
First thing was the much hyped reshuffling test that came like a tempest and washed over all my dreams, putting me into a lesser priority batch. (I'll explain the system sometime later. Remind me.) This low priority roughly means lesser chance of being able to crack the JEE next year. Fortunately, I've got teachers this time, expecially for chemistry, who make me feel confident and back me up at those times when I drop down.

Now, talking about SAT. I prepared for nearly one whole month for SAT, and could not write it. Thanks to the the indian passport authorities. I had applied for a passport renewal before even applying for SAT, but did not receive the booklet in time. I missed the exam, and I doubt I can get the refund. Anyway, I'd write it again this October.

Regarding other news, my dad's BlackBerry is alright now, and the bluetooth is perfectly working. Also, I have got a new instrument :) Sony Ericsson G502

The new phone is quite impressive in terms of the features, which include the basic ones like mp3/mpeg player, FM Radio, 2MPCamera and also a few cool features that I've been wanting, like GPRS, Photo Editor in phone, and 3G. The 3G technology is useless at the moment since it has not much picked up in India yet, but soon it should come down to fit in a common man's pocket.

My guitar lessons are coming around well and I can now play a few complete songs such as Airbag, Jigsaw Falling into place-Radiohead and Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day. No lead guitar yet.

Otherwise, one thing that has constantly been dynamic in terms of progression is my music-listening. I do not want to talk much of it. I'm just putting up pictures of Albums.

Alright then, that's all for now. A dark year awaits me, to explore bravely and successfully complete it, where the end awaits an arena where all friends turn foes.

Templar AKA Sumanth

P.S. I've joined twitter. My page is: do check out.