Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sites of Month June

Since I was really busy all during June, I could not keep you posted of my new interesting web page discoveries...
To make it up, here are a few I discovered in June...

This is a really cool webpage(many of you might have seen these pictures) but this is where they are all from. An amazing use of paper to make things that are apparently impossible..!

Have you ever spotted a wonderful video online(youtube) and wished you had it in your system..?Here is a way. Tubeleecher is a site, where you can enter the link of the youtube video and download it. But mind you, you would require proper softwares to play it in your PC.

The idea behind LocateTV is simple - to let you find TV shows available where you live in the world, be they on broadcast TV, online or on recorded media (DVD, HD-DVD etc).
See what's showing on your TV right now or later tonight. Just choose what you want to watch-movies, sports, comedy, music, news and more...