Sunday, November 30, 2008

A few questions...

Hello dudes and dudettes, 

I actually have nothing right now to really blog just putting up whatever hits my mind...hope its sensible...
This one song has impressed me to a very good extent. The song is 'I Disappear' from Metallica. The guitar riffs contain the attitude and is absolutely meaning full, and everything seems perfect with Hetfield's(the lead singer) voice too.
Also, the beats slightly remind me of 'Rock On!!'...

I Disappear-Metallica


Mayhem @ Mumbai

It was sad, shocking, exciting and in some ways good to hear about the attacks that shook Mumbai last week.
Sad, because it's disappointing to see how pathetic the intelligence is in India, though the Armed force is really doing a great job. The height of perfection in intelligence can be seen in the movie Bourne Ultimatum where the CIA seems to have its eyeball everywhere, even outside the USA. That's what we need here, in India, at least in places like Mumbai and other metropolitan cities where substantial damage can be caused to living and non living things, which are priceless...really!
Good, because its after this attack that we see many sensible changes across the country. My grandad used to tell me "When people strike among each other, soon something bigger will strike them all, bringing all of them together" and that's precisely what is taking place. India is seeing change, at last.


Another intriguing question arises:
Before that,
India-Pakistan partition, a painful event. Reason: Religion.
The worst part of human history, eradication of the Jews by Adolf Hitler. Reason: Religion.
The violent riot that broke out in Mumbai about fifteen years back, caused devastation, outright contradicting its very basis, which was Religion.
The globally known 9/11 incident made every heart on earth skip a beat. Even this incident is associated to the same reason.
And now, the blasts in Mumbai, whose actual causes are unknown, are also attributed to the violence caused by religion.

Which way is it? Religion for humans, or humans for religion?

If god is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and everything that describes the ultimate greatness, why do we pursue baseless activities like sacrifice, pilgrimage etc...? 
IMO, half of our traditions, rituals etc actually contradict our besic definition of God. I really don't want to mention them as they would offend people. Nor do I want and arguement. Its just 'IMO'.

Actually, this question an be fine-tuned, by expanding our domains to other stupid things like Regionism, Politics etc. What do you guys say about this???

Well, I appologize if I got carried away. It's just that the more I am educated, the more I question them, and I still do not know if the force that's driving me into questioning is curiosity or opposition, gotta'  find that out!
But as always, every event teaches us a lesson. And we must look out for the lesson, instead of blaming each other, or the supernatural. Isn't it fair to live in a world where WE are responsible for OUR problems, and its OUR duty to find a solution for these? New questions arise after every answer, just like farmer grows another set of crops after each harvest, and each question has to give us a better understanding of what all is. And most importantly, a much better life.

Well, I'm not really in a mood to tell you about my travels across the web, so let's push that to the next post....
Till then,

Templar AKA Sumanth


Kausthubh said...

Yeah. Very much true. Another drawback in the Indian security is that, security is tightened the very next day of a disaster, and in a few days, when the curfew subsides, everything is back to normal and the Goverment does not care about security. Another fact which is worrying is that Mumbai, such a metropolitan city; is susceptible to terrorist attacks, that too in one of the best hotels in India, then other cities are equally under danger. This is one of the worst Indian Goverments India had ever had.

Sumanth said...

@ Kausthubh - Aye...well said. But India keeps having worst governments, probably one better than this one would be the best in Indian History, because Government is many times inefficient than even an MNC which is many times larger, and has bigger things to do.