Saturday, October 4, 2008

Free Media Directory, good one...!

At first the point of this section might not be apparent. Finding images, music, and other media on the Internet is much like finding sand on the beach... it doesn't take a whole lot of effort. However, if you plan on using artistic material in your works, then the net gets a whole lot smaller. Most established artists have customized terms of use that are vague (is use in FOSS projects a 'personal' use?) or restrictive ("these images may not be cropped or modified"), if it allows for free use at all. Though the net is littered with wonderful art, most of it becomes useless when it comes time to release.

The net has permissively licenses media... it just takes some looking to find useful works free in the libre sense rather than just no-cost. This section has resources I've found helpful in my projects. If the license matter in your work then double check that I'm right before using it.

 Here are a few things the site offers links and downloads

  • Icons are a vital part of making a nice and intuitive looking user interface. Hence it shouldn't be any surprise that there's numerous free sets available for software and web developers. This section is largely thanks to Max Power and Gnome Art where many of these sets were found. 
  • Fonts: From the professional to the abstract, fonts can be a handy resource for banners and specialized labels.  For a more extensive listing also, see Vitaly Friedman's compilation of the 25 Best Free Quality Fonts
  • Images & Photography: While icons are spiffy for interfaces, occasionally the need arises for larger artwork. The ones in this site certainly aren't a replacement for the Google image search but they provide a nice alternative with liberal terms of use.
  • Audio: Though not commonly a consideration, music and sound effects can be handy for some projects (most often games).
Well, here is the link to this wonderful website, that help me make a decent video file with good audio.. :)

Hope you find the site useful, you should, IMO


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