Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Cool for a while

Hello friends, 

It isn't going to be cool for a while in many ways. 

To start with, the six hour long tests are closing in, and I have devoted most of my time to preparing for it, as it is a mock test for the major examination I am aiming to crack sametime next year. I have halted most of my other activities, except for browsing the net and connecting with some of my friends. 
Otherwise, regarding the things I recently did, I had been reading 'The Last Theorem' co-authored by Aurthur C. Clarke, and been listening to Kid A, and No Line on the Horizon. I also heard about 'Know Your Enemies' releasing sometime this week. I'll try it out soon. I also read somewhere that Twitter will soon be acquired by it? Interesting.

Also, the weather here at my place is quite aweful and I need to use the air conditioner more than I do usually during summers. The worst part is that there is a scheduled power cut every morning between 7 and 9, which is the time I usually start studying and get frustrated of being covered with sweat all over. It isn't cool here, not even warm, PIPING HOT!
But occassionally, no, rarely, a cool breeze blows by, or a drizzle in the evening, which results in further power cut...well, it isn't great time here during summer. 

I also wish all the best to all of you who have got their exams closing in, since I believe they are as crucial as mine are to me.

More later, I need to go and finish a couple of revision assignments...I shall talk about tech later when I am relatively less busy.

Until then,

Templar AKA Sumanth

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Yeah, Google wants to take over Twitter!