Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dew Point

Hello friends,

My final examinations are finally over, and I'm quite glad it has. My chemistry has got blown out, but I'm expecting a decent score in the others.

By the title, I'm not referring to the physics books by any chance. In the past one year, I've listened to music by about 40 bands, ranging across different genres. Inspired, I set out to make music.
Last year, I had featured an online music sequencing software called 'Musicshake.' It is the one I've used to make a few songs. I've also compiled all of them to make a playlist 'Dew Point.' It's not an album, as the whole playlist does not stick to one single concept.
The whole process was interesting, and has allowed me to explore different aspects of music. The software has a very easy to use interface unlike other music sequencers. Klaus had once stated "Making music isn't a walk in the park," it sure isn't, but it's fun all the same!

I'm embedding the playlist into this blog, but before that, let me tell you a little about each song.

The Chase: This was the first song I had made using the software. The concept of the song is a car chase, set in a little gloomy background. I had used different effects to get it out right.

Evry1: It stands for Everyone, as most of you would know, in the Texting-Language. This song is a typically Linkin Park inspired song with distorted guitars and growling rap. My first song of hard rock/nu metal genre.

I Know: I Know is an alternate rock song with rap and vocals, with an electronic-drum beat. Also contains a scratch track in the closing bars of the song. Personally, it's my favourite.

My Way: I composed My Way as a song to have many acoustic tunes together, but I ended up making a soft ballad-like song. Do comment on this, particularly.

In My Life: In My Life is a song composed keeping thrash metal in mind, a song inspired by Linkin Park's Breaking the Habit, and Metallica's Battery(though riffs aren't as great).

In:Ma:Lyf Rmx: This is a sort of Remix-ed version of In My Life, with dark bass line in the beginning, opening into rap, and then a metal/alt. rock.

Do listen to all the song, and comment. And one more thing, I haven't written the lyrics, but just have selected the vocal and rap pieces, and secuenced them. The only things I've done are the chords part, and programming the drum beats. Well, I'm using complex terms, but once you people check out the actual software, you'd realize how absurdly simple all these things are actually are.


Alright then, off I go and write a little bit of The Templar of Light. I'll post an excerpt out of it soon.

Till then,
Keep Singing,
Templar AKA Sumanth


Owner said...

Nice post!

Klaus said...

Hey Sumanth,

I only heard the Chase from that and it was pretty cool I guess. The MusicShake software does sound like a nice and user-friendly idea for those who don't want to spend too much time making music.
However, if you do want to make music right from the most basic level and manipulate every note of every instrument,then I would recommend the MAGIX music making software. It's QUITE hard to learn in the beginning but once you get hold of it you will have some fun with it.

Sumanth said...

I've used the trial version of Magix...sometime during the board exams of last year...and I actually liked it.
The trouble I had with the software was that I could not export the song using a trial version of MAGIX. I'd love to use a full version.

Sumanth said...

@Owner - Thanks.

Klaus said...

True, they don't allow export in the Demo version.
I've got the full version of MAGIX. I used Keygen :P
I tried making a few songs, but none of them have been complete in any sense.

Sumanth said... indeed!