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What happens after Blu-Ray

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We all the know about the blu-ray disc that's out now with its astounding storage capactity(n price :P) But this isn't all. There are still a few things round the corner that are expected to get bigger than your HDD(the present ones). Of course, I can't guarranty you about their prices, but these storage devices are making it large!

I've been around Wikipedia for a while looking for the future of these 'disc-storage' devices. And here's what I've found.
I'm not writing the whole thing here, but an oveview sort of, mostly from wikipedia. You can go to the link I give at the bottom.


The Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) is an optical disc technology that may one day hold up to 3.9 terabytes (TB) of information, although the current maximum is 250GB. It employs a technique known as collinear holography, whereby two lasers, one red and one green, are collimated in a single beam. The green laser reads data encoded as laser interference fringes from a holographic layer near the top of the disc while the red laser is used as the reference beam and to read servo information from a regular CD-style aluminum layer near the bottom. Servo information is used to monitor the position of the read head over the disc, similar to the head, track, and sector information on a conventional hard disk drive. On a CD or DVD this servo information is interspersed amongst the data.

A dichroic mirror layer between the holographic data and the servo data reflects the green laser while letting the red laser pass through. This prevents interference from refraction of the green laser off the servo data pits and is an advance over past holographic storage media, which either experienced too much interference, or lacked the servo data entirely, making them incompatible with current CD and DVD drive technology. These discs have the capacity to hold up to 3.9 terabytes (TB) of information. The HVD also has a transfer rate of 1 Gbit/s (125 MB/s). Optware planned to release a 200 GB disc in early June 2006, and Maxell planned one for September 2006 with a capacity of 300 GB and transfer rate of 20 MB/s -- although HVD standards were approved and published on June 28, 2007, neither company has released an HVD as of January, 2009.

HVD is not the only technology in high-capacity, optical storage media. InPhase Technologies is developing a rival holographic format called Tapestry Media, which they claim will eventually store 1.6 TB with a data transfer rate of 120 MB/s, and several companies are developing TB-level discs based on 3D optical data storage technology. Such large optical storage capacities compete favorably with the Blu-ray Disc format. However, holographic drives are projected to initially cost around US$15,000, and a single disc around US$120–180, although prices are expected to fall steadily. The market for this format is not initially the common consumer, but enterprises with very large storage needs. 

Protein Coated Disc

Protein-Coated Disc (PCD) is a theoretical optical disc technology currently being developed by Professor Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan, formerly of Harvard Medical School and Florida International University. PCD would greatly increase storage over Holographic Versatile Disc optical disc systems. It involves coating a normal DVD with a special light-sensitive protein made from a genetically altered microbe, which would in principle allow storage of up to 50 Terabytes on one disc. Working with the Japanese NEC Corporation, Renugopalakrishnan's team created a prototype device and estimated in July, 2006 that a USB disk would be commercialised in 12 months and a DVD in 18 to 24 months. However, no further information has been forthcoming since that time.
The technology uses the photosynthetic pigment bacteriorhodopsin created from bacteria.

So be careful, in a few years, your computer can catch some real virus!


Oh, well. It's high time I spoke about my 'Best of 2008'. It's almost a month since the new year has arrived, and already a number of events have occured, new lives entered the earth, some gone to the unknown worlds...

Well, here's my disclaimer: Not all that I shall speak about have released in 2008, but I've come across them in 2008.
Starting with...

Three Mistakes Of My Life-Chetan Bhagat
Brisingr-Christopher Paolini
Amulet of Samarkand-Jonathon Stroud
Bourne Identity-Robert Ludlum
Artemis Fowl-Eoin Colfer

Runner Up: Bourne Identity :)
Well, I wanted to read the books ever since I had since I had watched the movies. Robert Ludlum has done a real good job, keeping the reader at the edge as much as possible. Its tough to write even a chapter full of action, and one full trilogy of it is honestly good enough!

And the Best: Amulet of Samarkand..!!
This is the best book I've read this year, undoubtedly. I've written the review, and you can check it out in my Blog-Archive. I suppose I don't have to link you guys there.

Dark Night
Lake House
Quantum of Solace
Rock On(hindi)
Rab Ne...(Hindi)

Runner: Rock On
Rock On is a really freaking offbeat movie, the best last year in terms of the change I wished to watch in Hindi films for a while. Also the best offbeat movie after Taare Zameen Par. There've been quite a few offbeat movies, but none to this extent.

Winner: Dark Night
This is the best movie I've watched in years, in fact! One of the movies that moved me and made me think, and enjoy every frame. 

I've listened to many bands this year, mostly recommended by my friend, Klaus, and here are the nominees:
Viva La Vida-Coldplay
American Idiot-Green Day
Master of Puppets-Metallica
OK Computer-Radiohead

Runner: Master of Puppets. As you'd have seen, I have been praising Master of Puppets for quite some time in my past blogs, but in the last few days of 2008, my charts underwent a change :)

Winner: Viva La Vida. This was an album that my friend suggested a few days before the new year, and the one which completely changed my outlook towards music. I started like this kind of music, the alternate rock after this. I tried OK Computer soon after, but probably I hadn't listened enough to like it.
Well, my guitar lessons have taken a halt since my college timings have changed. I've bought three new books which I shall read after my present goals are reached. So review will come. As for my score, they were a big time lull, reaching 184 out of 450! Yeah, it's sad of course, but no student is stronger than one with no more marks to lose :P. I'm serious!

So let me carry on,
till my next blog,

Templar AKA Sumanth


Reeteshifier said...

TDK is great!

Also those songs too.. OK computer is the critically acclaimed and unanimously proclaimed (by higher up music critics)as one of the best albums "ever released"

Give it another try.. not necessary that you'll like it completely though.. but paranoid android sure is good :D

Sumanth said...

@ reetesh - yeah, Paranoid Android is good. I've started liking it, and probably it would have been the runner had I listened to it for a while back in wud be in my great books this year :)

Klaus said...

Hey Sumanth,

Good informative blog with the "end of the year" wrap-up section. My favorite movie of the year would have been The Dark Knight had I not watched Slumdog Millionaire as well because the latter certainly beats any competition by a good distance.
I liked Viva La Vida but my opinion on it has come down a little after I listened to Dear Science from TV on the Radio and Kid A from Radiohead.
OK Computer was my album of the year. :)


Sumanth said...

I haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire yet, I'm eagerly waiting. Days are hectic. The Dark Night was what I liked most of all last year.
As I told Reetesh, OK Computer is getting to me :P
As you know, I've only listened to Halfway Home from Dear Science and I'm looking forward to downloading the album next month, now there, don't frown at me ;)

Kausthubh said...


Nice review, dude!

The HVD is too good! Not for the normal users though. I feel that only huge companies which have hell loads of data would ever need to use it. Since it is a Disc and not a Hard-Disk Drive(HDD), the cost would be soaring high!

StandfordDude236 said...

dude, i was jus thinkin; y dont u post original stuff? instead of copy pasting it frm mags n wiki? i mean, original stuff would be more appreciated than copied stuff, u kno!

Sumanth said...

Kausthubh - that it is...really high PC costs just five times it...seriously man, $120 isn't my take...I'd wait, a nice External Hard Disk would be a better idea, personally.

@Cheek - yeah...I understand what you're saying....but I'm getting to it....its once in a while that I post things from sources(It's cool websites dude...not just cool stuff....) and very incidentally, u get to read only those :P
Yeah, I'm working on it..I do post a few of my own product reviews check..