Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Featuring Musicshake

Hi guys, took a long time to finish chores and come back to where I belong...
This time, I'm featuring a very unique website called Musicshake.
Well, what do you think is It sounds a lot like the regular music sharing or online music library website. But it isn't.
This is a place where you can actually make music.
Oh yes, that's true. I came across about four months back and since then, wanted to feature it here. The site has very few popular competitors, but even then, it can be considered the first of its kind.

Musicshake, Inc. is the world's first on-line UGM (User Generated Music) creation solution that provides music composing solutions aimed at the general public (a.k.a. music dummies) without previous musical knowledge or expertise. Its service lets users create personalized, professional quality music using various music modules and proprietary pattern-combination methods. Musicshake is the easiest way to make music in the world and has been quoted by its users as 'the most addictive thing on your list of addictive things.'
And that's perfectly true, this wonderful tool that they provide gives you a wide range of sounds from musical instrument starting from Distortion Guitars, Synthesizers, Harp, Bells, few Vocals, Rap , DJ Scratch and FX bar that has special sound effects to enhance your music track.

The whole track is divided into several blocks, each of the length of eight bars, and you have a choice to select the chords(this won't help much to the amateurs) and also increase the length of the whole soundtrack, which is expressed in terms of number of blocks and also the duration in minutes. The software is available in Korean and English. Here's a screenshot of a slightly older version of Musicshake software:

The newer version is a slightly improved one with a different look, and more number of music options and vocals...

After composing the music, you can also upload it to your online account and then share it by sending the link via email, or by embedding the Musicshake widget into your facebook profile or a personal website(just as I did). Also you can convert this track into a ringtone and send it to your phone and listen to your own art...!!

There are also periodic online events that you will be kept posted of by the website, like the recent one, ShakeJam Challenge. You can submit your track for the auditions, and if your music is good enough, you may be in for fabulous prizes..!

Well, enough of theory, the real experience lies in composing music and bringing out the professional musician in here's the link....Happy composing..!!!


withclubsauce said...

How do you get the newer version of Musicshake? The one I have is the beta one I think, and I can't seem to find where to DL the one shown in your screenshot.

Sumanth said...

@withclubsauce-the screenshot is of The Older Version. The new version has orange boxes instead of blue ones, and a slight change in the user interface...

bharath said...

dude its awsome and i knw that u can even piss off microsoft... hehe

Sumanth said...

@ bharath - lol!