Monday, October 8, 2007

Top 15 (legal) Sources for Free Stock Images

These resources are some of the most popular free stock image sites on the Web and with good reason. If you’re looking for some mainstream images, these are the first place to try.

FreeFoto: claims to be “the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet.” They’re available for offline projects as well, as long as you’re not using them to make a profit.

KAVEWALL: Look for images and textures in unique categories like tattoo, smoke, and food.

Digital Dreamer: Free, royalty-free stock images can be found here.

Free Photos Bank: This features a handful of the newest photos in their directory, so check back often.

Free Digital Photos: Find gorgeous, easy-to-download photographs in categories like animals, celebrations, home & garden, and lots more.

PD Photo: Browse through the categories and subcategories in this site’s database, most of which depict the urban and rural landscapes of the United States.

Visipix: Search over a million photographs and fine art pieces.

Cepolina: On cepolina, you can choose to save photos in up to five different formats.

DexHaus: A wide array of beautiful images are found on this well-organized site. Chances are you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for on this terrific site.

TurboPhoto: TurboPhoto has 10 categories keep the high res photos easy to find.

Yotophoto: An immensely popular site, Yotophoto is worth checking out.

Stockvault: Search by photo subject or by the newest and most popular photos on Stockvault.

Dreamstime: While most of the photos on this site cost a fee (some as low as $0.26/image), Dreamstime provides a few free stock photos.

Open Stock Photography: This site offers over one million images for you to download and use however you want.

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