Sunday, July 1, 2007

Miscellanious Collection for month of June

Sock Master's Game Console Controller Family Tree
How did the current home-console controllers come to be? How have they evolved? You may have noticed some similarities between the current generation controllers, or between them and the previous generations of controllers. So, how do they all tie together?

Visit the site and know about the ancestors of gaming consoles..right down here! let's move on to the next one....

The site is structured around a visual representation of Dante's worlds: it shows who and what appear where. Click on regions within each realm (circles of Hell, terraces of Purgatory, spheres of Paradise) to open new pages featuring people and creatures whom the character Dante meets during his journey. Click on individual figures in the regions to view larger images in pop-up windows. Available for each region are explanatory notes, a gallery of artistic images, recordings of significant Italian verses, and study questions--all aimed at enriching the experience of reading Dante's poetic vision of a voyage literally out of this world.
Convert metres into yards.....joule to therms.....binary to hexadecimals....
Unit COnverter gives you an all time referrable site that can be used to convert literally anything into anything in terms of measurement.
Here's the link:

Indagator-for philosophical books
Here is your online study shelf with some of the rare philosophical books you would not get to read otherwise.

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